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Chauffeur Services

Arrive on time and in style with our private chauffeur services.


Chauffeur Services

Experience luxury in Best of Ireland Tours high-end vehicles which are maintained to a very high standard and ensure a smooth and comfortable drive throughout Ireland's enchanting countryside. Our professional chauffeurs have 20+ years of experience dealing with CEOs, company directors and celebrities. They are all local and will bring you to the hidden Irish gems that other tour companies will miss, ensuring that you get to experience the real Ireland. We believe in providing a personable experience, meaning that your journey will be as memorable as the destinations themselves.

Best of Ireland Tours fantastic team pride ourselves on meticulously scrutinizing each transfer schedule to avoid any delays on the road.


Wherever you need to go, we'll get you there.


Private Airport Transfer Service

Best of Ireland Tours pride ourselves in our attention to detail and punctuality in transferring clients to important business conferences, lunch meetings, airport departures, hotel/castle or manor check-ins. We provide a full private Airport Transfer Service to and from all Irish airports including:

  • Dublin

  • Cork

  • Farranfore

  • Belfast

  • Shannon

  • Knock

If you would like to avail of Best of Ireland Tours airport transfer services, please use the online booking form and include your flight number, number of passengers, dates, and times. Our fleet of vehicles include a 7 seater minibus, a 16 seater bus and luxury cars. Our team monitor your flights on our tracker app for punctual service and we also accommodate any delays to avoid stress for clients so whatever your needs, we will be here waiting attentively, ensure you are picked up safely, and transferred with plenty of time for your flight. We also offer private transfers for castle tours.


Our team deal one to one with the concierges at each hotel, castle and manor house, where we pick up, ensuring clear communication between our chauffeurs and clients.


Five Star Expert Chauffeur Services



Clare Tours


Best of Ireland Tours invites you to experience the enchanting beauty of Co. Clare, a county nestled on the West of Ireland. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Cliffs of Moher and the unique karst terrain of the Burren. Explore the historical allure of Scattery Island and the picturesque towns of Kilrush and Kilkee, boasting stunning cliffs and vibrant local culture. Step back in time at the majestic Bunratty Castle, where history comes to life within its ancient walls. Finally, discover the charm of Killaloe, a quaint town situated on the banks of the River Shannon. Our bespoke crafted tours ensure you witness the best of Co. Clare, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Discover Co. Clare.


Limerick Tours


Best of Ireland Tours offers an exciting exploration of Co. Limerick's rich cultural and historical treasures. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring architecture of St Mary's Cathedral, where centuries of history unfold within its sacred walls. Discover the significance of the Treaty Stone, a symbol of Ireland's past, standing proudly alongside the River Shannon. St. John's Castle provides a captivating journey back in time, offering panoramic views of the city. For aviation enthusiasts, the Foynes Flying Museum recounts the fascinating history of aviation and the iconic flying boats that once graced the Shannon Estuary. Adare Village, with its thatched cottages and charming streets, showcases Ireland's picturesque landscapes. We will create an itinerary unique to you. Learn more about Limerick Tours.


Kerry Tours


Travelling with Best of Ireland Tours is the only way to experience the raw beauty of Co. Kerry, a stunning county that captures the essence of Ireland's stunning landscapes. Our curated tours invite you to discover the iconic Ring of Kerry, where every twist and turn unveils breathtaking views of lush greenery and coastal beauty. Immerse yourself in the charm of Killarney, a town nestled beside the scenic Lakes, and experience the warmth of Killorglin, Glenbeigh, Cahersiveen, Kells, Caherdaniel, Molls Gap, Muckross, and Dingle. From the rugged cliffs of Dingle Peninsula to the serene shores of Muckross Lake, our tours ensure you experience the diverse and captivating wonders that Co. Kerry has to offer. Let Best of Ireland Tours guide you through the heart of this mesmerizing region, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Welcome to the Kingdom – welcome to Kerry.


Galway Tours

Best of Ireland Tours welcomes you on an enchanting journey through the picturesque landscapes of Co. Galway. Explore the rugged beauty of Connemara, where the untamed wilderness meets the Atlantic coastline, creating a breathtaking panorama. Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Salthill, a charming seaside resort with its inviting promenade and stunning views. Discover the rich cultural heritage at the Padraic Pearse Centre, dedicated to the Irish poet and revolutionary. Wander through the quaint village of Roundstone, known for its traditional Irish charm and artistic community. Behold the timeless allure of Clifden, a town nestled between the Twelve Bens mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. Marvel at the architectural splendour of Kylemore Abbey, set against the backdrop of Pollacappul Lake. Best of Ireland Tours promises an unforgettable exploration of these captivating Co. Galway destinations, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Cork Tours

Best of Ireland Tours will bring you on the trip of a lifetime to County Cork. Submerge yourself in the rich history and culture as you visit iconic locations such as Blarney, where you can kiss the famous Blarney Stone for the gift of eloquence. Experience the art of whiskey-making at the Jameson Distillery in Midleton, discovering the secrets behind Ireland's renowned spirit. Wander through the picturesque town of Kinsale, known for its colorful streets, and delicious seafood. Indulge in a culinary adventure at Ballymaloe, a world-renowned cooking school and organic farm. Our tours provide an unforgettable journey through the heart of County Cork, where each destination offers a unique blend of tradition, charm, and warmth. Join us for an authentic Irish experience that captures the essence of this captivating region.


Castle Tours


Best of Ireland Tours offers an unforgettable journey through the Emerald Isle's rich history and breathtaking landscapes. Our castle tours in Cork, Kerry, Clare, Mayo, Galway, and Dublin provide a unique glimpse into Ireland's past, with expert guides sharing captivating stories of medieval fortresses, grand estates, and ancient ruins. From the majestic Blarney Castle in Cork to the iconic Bunratty Castle in Clare, each stop on our itinerary promises an immersive experience in Ireland's storied past. Explore the rugged beauty of Kerry's Dingle Peninsula, the mystical allure of Mayo's Ashford Castle, and the vibrant culture of Galway's medieval city. In Dublin, delve into the city's rich literary heritage and visit the imposing Dublin Castle. With Best of Ireland Tours, discover the magic of Ireland's castles and create memories to last a lifetime.


Golf Tours

Best of Ireland Tours is delighted to introduce our premium chauffeur service, providing unparalleled comfort and convenience for your Irish adventures. Our professional chauffeurs are committed to delivering a bespoke and personalized touring experience, ensuring that every moment of your journey is tailored to your preferences. We will guide you to the breathtaking landscapes of the Wild Atlantic Way, visiting historic castles, or savouring the vibrant culture of Dublin, our chauffeur service is designed to make your travels seamless and memorable. In addition to tailored tours, we also offer reliable airport transfers to and from all Irish airports, ensuring a smooth start and end to your visit. Choose Best of Ireland Tours for an exclusive and luxurious travel experience, where every detail is crafted to exceed your expectations.

  • What makes the Cliffs of Moher a must-visit in Co. Clare?
    AThe Cliffs of Moher are an iconic natural wonder, standing at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. These majestic cliffs offer breathtaking views of the Irish coastline, Aran Islands, and Twelve Pins mountain range. Visitors are captivated by the dramatic scenery and the unique geological formations, making it an unmissable destination in County Clare.
  • What is the significance of The Burren's landscape?
    The Burren is renowned for its distinctive limestone terrain, hosting a rare and diverse array of flora. This karst landscape, with its limestone pavements and caves, provides a unique habitat for plants typically found in alpine and Mediterranean regions. Our tours offer insights into the geological processes that shaped The Burren, creating an educational and visually stunning experience.
  • What historical treasures can be found on Scattery Island?
    Scattery Island boasts a rich history, including a well-preserved monastic settlement with a round tower and church ruins. As you explore this historical oasis, you'll delve into tales of Vikings and early Christianity. Best of Ireland Tours guides provide in-depth narratives, bringing the island's past to life for a captivating journey through time.
  • Why include Kilrush in the itinerary?
    Kilrush, nestled along the Shannon Estuary, is a charming town with a maritime history. Visitors can enjoy a stroll through its quaint streets, discovering architectural gems like the Vandeleur Walled Garden and the historic Market House. Our guided tours showcase Kilrush's unique blend of Victorian charm and maritime heritage.
  • What sets Kilkee Cliffs apart from other coastal destinations?
    Kilkee Cliffs, located in the picturesque town of Kilkee, offer a serene coastal escape. Our guide Niall will illuminate the geological wonders of the cliffs, featuring sea stacks and blowholes. This hidden gem provides panoramic views of the Atlantic, creating a tranquil atmosphere away from the crowds.
  • What makes Bunratty Castle a living history experience?
    Bunratty Castle, dating back to the 15th century, offers a captivating journey through Ireland's medieval past. With meticulously restored rooms and engaging historical reenactments in the Bunratty Folk Park, visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of bygone eras. Expert guides share fascinating stories, providing an enriching experience for history enthusiasts.
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